Previously booking a shooting, you can come by the studio and have your portrait taken, alone, with your partner, family...!

a.10x12cm ……. 65*
b.13x18cm ……. 75*
c.20x25cm ……. 90

*Prices for metal plates. Glass plates have a +15€/u.

High quality digital scan of a plate ……. 10€

Easily book your portraits session through this formulary.

Or if you want, gift portraits that will last for hundreds of years!

Buy a gift card for a customized photo session and give it away. They are available -by now- only at my studio, or we can send them wherever you ask. ¿Do you need more information about how they work?

Or even better: Would you like your guests to leave your event with a memory

that will inherit the grandchildren of your grandchildren? Weddings, parties, private events... I can bring the portable studio wherever you need it!
Just ask me how to do it.